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Paradise Without Pollution

Will man’s continued burning of fossil fuels make the planet uninhabitable?

How can the earth sustain mankind’s ever growing population?

What can be done to cleanup man’s increasing volume of toxic waste?

The FREE 26-page booklet "Paradise Without Pollution" presents the Bible’s answer to these questions.

When God finished preparing the earth for man, the work was pronounced “very good.” (Gen. 1:31) Since Adam’s disobedience, however, man has treated his home with neglect and disrespect.

The build-up of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels threatens our climate. The burgeoning population threatens to overwhelm the finite resources of our small planet. Man struggles to deal with the mountains of trash, nuclear waste and other toxic wastes he has created.

The Bible promises that Christ’s kingdom will have both the power and the will to resolve these nearly insurmountable problems. God will make the earth, the place of his feet, glorious. (Isa. 60:13) The curse will be removed from off the earth and the earth will yield her increase. (Rev. 22:3; Psa. 67:6) The desert shall blossom like a rose and streams break out in the desert. — Isa. 35:1,6

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